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Diptyque Candles at Scents & Sprays are guaranteed to be fresh, fragrant, and invigorating. Diptyque Paris provides only the best in luxury home fragrance to their customers, with each fragrance carefully chosen and created by hand.

Baies is a lovely mixture of floral and currant, creating a deep fruity blend. Feuille De Lavande is the perfect lavender scent to create a calm environment in your home. Feu De Bois is an interesting take on the wood burning fragrance. The main thing that sets the Feu de Bois candle apart from other wood burning scented candles, is that instead of focusing on a lit fire, they base their scent on burning embers. The last dying remnants of a fire create a smell that is hard to create, but Diptyque has mastered this.

Diptyque is a brand often talked about and often praised. Every candle that leaves 34 Blvd. Saint Germain is hand treated to ensure it is of the highest quality. Each fragrance is hand chosen. Instead of simply settling for scents like "Apple" or "Cinnamon", Diptyque takes the time to test different oils and find what really works to create a fragrance that no one has ever smelled before. Every time you burn one of their luxury candles, you are experiencing the beauty that comes from years of hard work.

At Scents & Sprays, we pride ourselves in shipping fresh, high quality candles. In order to do so, we attempt to keep candles on our shelves for as little time as possible. Sometimes this can mean a slight delay in your order. If you order a product and find that it is back ordered, all this really means is that we are waiting to get the freshest shipment straight from Paris. With free shipping at $99.00 (Only two Diptyque candles!), we will do everything we can to create the best shopping experience for you.

History of Diptyque

The Beginning

Diptyque Paris 1961

Diptyque began with three creative spirits coming together: Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant. In the early 1960s the trio began a company, not knowing exactly how far they could go.

What started as a company designing furnishing fabrics has grown into the candle makers we know and love. The company started in a former cafe, and after putting in two windows flanking the doorway, they decided on a name: Diptyque. The name comes from the word diptych, meaning two flat plates attached at a hinge.

The company began carrying a vast amount of knick knacks, from fabrics to Dutch dolls to stoneware ginger beer bottles dating from before the Second World War. Beautiful glass vials were also designed by Christiane and Desmond in 1964, and sold by Diptyque.

Also in 1964, Desmond Knox-Leet began importing English scented items. They began to distribute potpourris that the French clientele loved. Once they delved into the luxury home fragrance arena, they couldn't get enough.

The First Candles

Diptyque First Three Candles

The three friends had already designed candles in colors to match their fabrics. Their first luxury scented candles, created by Jean-Claude Bullens, were Aubepine, Canelle, and Thé . These became the first three scents offered by Diptyque candles, and two are still available today. The trio fell in love with these fragrances, and convinced Jean-Claude to become the exclusive supplier, pouring each candle by hand.

Floral, woody, spicy, fruity or herbaceous, Diptyque candles distill memories of places known, moments lived, journeys taken. From selecting the fragrance to the customer's purchase, each candle contains the excellence and elegance that they are known for. The candles are made entirely by hand: hand poured, the wick is hand straightened, and finally it is hand packaged.

Desmond Knox-Leet, who died in 1993, left his mark upon the company. From the logo to the storefront in Paris, Desmond's designs shine. Desmond's travel notebooks can be seen, filled with plants and notes from his many travels. Desmond designed many of the fragrance's the company offers today, and he will always be remembered fondly by those who knew him well. Without Desmond, the company may never have become the major perfumery that it is now.

Today's Diptyque

Diptyque Paris

From humble beginnings in a variety of markets, to a perfume industry desired by some of the best known names in the world, Diptyque Paris has truly created a name for themselves. Their creativity does not subject itself to the trends of the perfume industry. The desire to recreate atmospheres discovered in some magical place has made them the unique company they are today.

While they are not the largest candles we carry, don't let the size fool you. The quality of a candle is determined by wick quality, wick material, perfume content, perfume quantity, and wax quality. A Diptyque candle, when burned properly, will last much longer than most other candles, will fragrance a room better, and will provide amazing fragrance even when unlit.

As John Galliano once said regarding Diptyque's Paris boutique: "...I felt like being in Ali Baba's cavern. And after so many years I still feel that way every time I visit. As soon as I go through the doors I am transported on a magical voyage."

From the first candles they sold, Diptyque Paris has continued to question convention and custom, and will always pursue providing the best in luxury candles. As Christiane once said: "We were artists. We were not driven by money or ambition, but rather by passion, imagination, creativity, and the desire to do something with true integrity."

We don't carry candles that we don't love... Trust Scents & Sprays, Diptyque Paris is worth it. With Free Shipping at $99.00, you can't go wrong!

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